2 May 2017

Who Are Your Heroes In HR?

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Hero: a person admired for bravery, great achievements, or good qualities. (Cambridge Dictionary) Not all heroes die on the battlefield. According to the definition above there are plenty of heroes in everyday life. Including HR heroes! My heroes in HR include: Any HR executive who got on the company’s leadership page. (If people are our #1 asset, why are so few HR...
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24 Apr 2017

Do You Have Your Hiring Act Together?

“The number one secret to having a great company is to make sure your managers hire great employees.” – Jim Collins How good are you at hiring? Better than the competition? Most important how good do you want to be? Top 25%?  Top10%? Everyone tells me about how hard it is to find talent today....
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17 Apr 2017

Negotiation Strategies

Every day we are negotiating. Whether on a sales call, seeking a raise or dealing with our kids. I recently read James Altucher’s book Reinvent Yourself and he shared what he learned about negotiating from his interview with Chris Voss, the former lead hostage negotiator for the FBI. Chris wrote a book about negotiation called...
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10 Apr 2017

There’s Always Something Else Going On

If there’s one thing I know about your employees it is this: there is always something else going on. The workplace it not some vacuum void of external influences. After you watch this video (and you want to watch this video) think about your employees walking around like this and put these thoughts above their...
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2 Apr 2017

A Profound Conversation about Health and Thoughts on How it Affects Your Culture

I’m a health nut and learn as much as I can about nutrition, exercise, etc. Over the years I have learned much from Dave Asprey and Bruce Lipton. This podcast is a profound conversation between two of the smartest people in health. When you listen to it think about the following: It’s all about how...
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19 Mar 2017

Where OSHA got started

March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire kills 146 of 500 workers trapped in a Manhattan factory because its owners had locked the fire escape exit doors. 62 people had jumped or fell from windows. Most victims died of burns, asphyxiation, blunt impact injuries, or a combination of the three. In the criminal prosecution that...
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