7 Sep 2017

Think HR Demo

ThinkHR is an excellent compliance program. I recently did a demo of the program highlighting some of its most helpful features and benefits. If you do not already have access to ThinkHR … what are you waiting for? For only $197 per month ($97 if you have less than 15 employees) you can have access...
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30 Aug 2017

Everything you need to know about Managing Employees on an Index Card

I must admit – I got the idea for this index card after listening to a podcast with Howard Pollack, a professor from University of Chicago, who said that everything you needed to know about building your financial wealth can be written on an index card. The card went viral and he followed up with...
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9 Aug 2017

Managing the Good Performer Gone Bad

Employees are wonderful… until they are not. Often, employees become derailed because of personal challenges or changes in their work environment or roles. When looking at poor performance check your head by asking these questions. Is it the fault of the system? – As Deming said, “the system is the problem!”. Is this person mismatched?...
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2 Aug 2017

What I Learned from an HBR Webinar with Andrew Ng on the Deep Learning’s Next Frontier

First, this was a fascinating presentation. Andrew Ng, is the former chief scientist at Baidu, a co-founder of Coursera and a brilliant guy. I am often most interested in what the audience picks up from a presentation. Especially a smart audience like this one. Below is a summary of the tweets during the webinar, which...
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31 Jul 2017

HR Crossword Puzzle

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles? If not…see you next week. If you do click here to try the HR Crossword Puzzle I created. As always, you will learn something in the process. Click here to download!   PS speaking of puzzles, have you taken the 50 Question Employment Law Quiz yet?
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